Executive Board

FA Executive Board Members (2016-2017):


Erika Rappaport (History), President

Email:  rappaport[at]history.ucsb.edu


Constance Penley (Film and Media Studies), Vice President

E-mail: penley[at]filmandmedia.ucsb.edu


Elisabeth Weber (Germanic, Slavic and Semitic Studies), Treasurer

E-mail: weber[at]gss.ucsb.edu


Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval (Dept. of Chicana/o Studies)

E-mail: armbrust@chicst.ucsb.edu


Julie Carlson (English)

E-mail: jcarlson[at]english.ucsb.edu


Jorge Luis Castillo (Spanish and Portuguese)

E-mail: castillo[at]spanport.ucsb.edu


Claudio Fogu (Dept. of French & Italian)

E-mail: cfogu@frit.ucsb.edu