Day of Democratic Education #J18

Thanks to all panelists and attendees for making our

Day of Democratic Education a huge success! 

Check out The Bottom Line‘s impression of the event as well as pictures from the event soon.


JANUARY 18, 2017

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Corwin Pavilion Panels




Our Day of Democratic Education is part of a larger movement…

Find out more about Teach! Organize! Resist! here, including all the events organized for January 18, 2017!





We are asking ALL UCSB FACULTY to actively support our Day of Democratic Education:

  • Insert a note about the Day of Democratic Education in your syllabus and a link to our schedule on Gaucho Space
  • Invite your students to attend our panels & attend them yourself
  • Use your regular class time to attend a panel with your students (or invite them to meet you there)


  • If you choose to hold regular classes, perhaps dedicate some time for an open discussion of potential student fears or questions. We would request you do not penalize students for a missed class if they intend to attend panels.


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The UCSB Faculty Association (SBFA)—in collaboration with concerned faculty, student groups, and the lecturers union UC-AFT—is calling for a Day of Democratic Education to be held on Wednesday January 18, 2017.*

The goal of this all-day event is to respond to widespread concerns expressed by students, community members, and society at large vis-à-vis statements, actions, and personnel choices enacted by President-elect Donald Trump before the election and in the aftermath of his victory. His campaign targeted particularly vulnerable communities, such as undocumented Latino immigrants and Muslim immigrants and citizens, and challenged democratic values previously considered unassailable and collectively shared.

We believe that a greater understanding of both the history and contemporary stakes of these values is essential for our students to be able to evaluate the appearance of a crisis of American Democracy and face the fears and uncertainties posed by Donald Trump’s inauguration. We are equally convinced that this day of democratic education should not be separate from, but rather vitally integral to our task as educators. Thanks to the collaboration of over 50 faculty and graduate students we will offer regular classes in Corwin Pavilion and other venues throughout campus in the form of dialogic panel-discussions around themes highlighted by the recent election.

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Co-Sponsors: SBFA, UC-AFT

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* Poised between Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the presidential inauguration, January 18th has been selected by several universities as a day of national protest / education. See