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CUCFA: Letter to the UC Regents’ Working Group to Develop New UC Principles Regarding Intolerance

The following letter, composed by a CUCFA and sent to to the UC Regents’ working group, addresses recent issues surrounding Academic Freedom. The letter as also been posted here on the CUCFA website.     Dear Colleagues, Thank you for your service on this working group, which the Board of Regents has tasked with developing new UC principles regarding intolerance. This effort arises from complaints about allegedly anti-Semitic behavior on our campuses and from requests that the University endorse as part of its policies against Read More +

Gov. Brown vetoes agency to oversee higher education

Below are excerpts detailing the recent development in relation to SB 42. The entire article by Michelle Leung from The Daily Californian can be found here.   Gov. Jerry Brown announced Wednesday his decision to veto a bill, SB 42, that would have established a new agency to oversee all higher education in the state. Supporters of the bill hoped that rebooting the agency with modifications would give the higher education system leadership and guidance as well as improved research and analysis capabilities at the Read More +

CUCFA: “Keep California’s Promise”

Keep California’s Promise is a project of the Council of UC Faculty Associations, an independent organization that provides a voice for UC faculty independent of the University Administration. The Council works with comparable organizations at CSU and the community colleges, as well as policymakers, students, families, staff and their representatives, to restore quality, access, and accountability to public higher education in California. The website, which can be found here, contains useful links and news information on pertinent issues, including some of the recent issues posted Read More +

CUCFA: We ask Governor Brown to sign SB-376

Dear Governor Brown, As faculty of the University of California, we are writing to urge you to sign bill SB-376, requiring the University of California compensate its subcontracted workers at the same level as those who are hired directly, that is, requiring equal pay for the same work. It is a disgrace that the University is seeking to balance its budget on the backs of its lowest-paid workers.  Subcontracting increases the possibility of wage theft and generally exploitative treatment of workers. The recent case of Read More +