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Role of the SBFA

Your Faculty Association’s primary role is to serve as the faculty watchdog on issues affecting faculty welfare both in and outside the University. We define faculty welfare broadly to include any issue affecting the health, other benefits, and the faculty’s ability to do their work well. Bread and Butter Issues Over the years your Faculty Association has handled many complex issues including salary increases, protection of benefits and organizing support for or against propositions, and political initiatives affecting the faculty and the university. At UCSB, Read More +

Newsletter May 2008: “Cuts and More Cuts”

“Like the Chrysler Corp. of the 1970s, the University of California is too big to fail. But it is certainly not too big to fall into decline. Budgetarily speaking, this is what happened to UC over the past fifteen years. It has happened through successive waves of cuts that have been followed by only partial funding recovery.” Presented by the 2007-2008 SBFA Executive Board for Download: SBFA Newsletter May 2008  

Newsletter March 2008: “The Salary Scale Adjustment”

“Over the past 25 years, the UC Salary Scale has often been cited as a model of equity in the academic world. When it was first conceived, the goal was for all faculty at all ranks at all of the campuses of the University of California to be treated alike. Research and scholarly excellence were rewarded with the same salary level whether in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, or Business & Engineering: the same level of achievement, the same reward. The Salary Read More +