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Understanding UCOP Task Force on Pension Benefits

As many of you know, UCOP has appointed task force of UC faculty, staff and administrators to develop a new set of retirement benefit options for the UC to offer future employees hired on or after July 1, 2016, which has numerous implications for current and new faculty, including reduced pension benefits for future employees. Information on that task force can be found here. For information surrounding this issue you may visit this page on the Remaking the University blog, which gives an outline of the Read More +

UC Care: SBFA Letter to Janet Napolitano

January 21, 2015 Janet Napolitano President, University of California Dear President Napolitano: As you are well aware, when health insurance provider Blue Shield of California terminated its contract with the Sutter Health network earlier this month, thousands of UC employees were shocked to see that such a drastic change in their benefits would be legal and dismayed that their health care could be put at risk without a robust reaction from UCOP. Many will have to scramble for new doctors, new medical facilities, or pay Read More +

CUCFA Statement on UC’s Planned Tuition Increases

The Council of UC Faculty Associations holds Governor Jerry Brown’s slashing of public higher education responsible for UC President Napolitano’s recent proposal to budget for 5% tuition increases every year for the next 5 years. Raising tuition is not the solution. There is a better way: provide California students and their families high quality, affordable higher education, as defined by the California Master Plan for Higher Education. The reality is that Governor Brown has not been willing to spend the necessary money to do so Read More +